One Fitness Plan Easy to Stick

I’ve joined fitness clubs many times before, but I didn’t stick it so my health didn’t improve. I had to drive to the club every time I worked out. Especially in the summer, the temperature is very high outside, every time you go out is a struggle. I often say to myself forget about it today and go back tomorrow. The result was that I bought a two-year club membership and didn’t use it more than a few times.

So I reflected myself and think how stick to do the exercise methods in the long term. The first point is the time spending is moderate, not to let exercise become a daily burden of life. Too much time for exercise is a luxury and it isn’t easy to squeeze so long exercise time. So do not exercise for more than an hour a day. The second is to be convenient and easy to do, no need to drive, do it without going out and do it whenever you want.

So I decide to build a gym was at home, equipped with the most basic equipment. A Power Tower; a set of 100 pounds barbell; a pair of dumbbells; a seat bike; a bike indoor exercise bracket; a rowing machine; three yoga mats . The total investment was no more than $250, less than a year’s worth of health club expenses. In retrospect, I feel that this investment was the most effective one I ever made.

Working out in my home gym is easy to stick to. Workout 5 times a week, each time less than an hour of exercise will be easy to stick to.

Of course, to stick to the exercise, first of all, the goal is clear, have perseverance. Secondly, do not leave yourself the opportunity to be lazy and make excuses. Think about 5 hours a week, you can exercise at any time, you will not take too busy and too much trouble as excuses.

Below is the workout which I did daily:

  • 10 pull-ups;
  • Power tower leg raises for half a minute
  • 20 double bar arm curls
  • 30 push-ups
  • 100 curls and other mat ab exercises
  • 30 reps of arm and leg raises


  • 5-6 reps push press (100 lbs)
  • 8-10 reps bench press (100 lbs)
  • 12 reps hard pull (100 lbs)
  • 30 reps dumbbell flybys (25 lbs/each hand)
  • 20 reps weighted squats (90 lbs)
  • 20 reps of double lateral planks (25 lbs/per hand)
  • 20 reps dumbbell overhead press (25 lbs/per hand)
  • 50 reps of rear arm support squats.


  • 3×20 second exhaustion limit speed. Used to be a 40 minute ride. Later saw the BBC program changed to the current movement, feel more tired and time spent much less now.

The above set of movements need time 20 minutes. Abdominal muscle exercises and upper body exercises alternate. These exercises only use simple equipment. You can do many of them without equipment.

Then swim 600 meters in summer (May-October). Indoor cycling or rowing machine for about 35 minutes in winter.

In the morning after doing exercise, I will take a cold shower. The same all year round.

The advantage of exercising in the morning is that after exercise, the spirit is better. It can make the day in better shape.



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