2-Day Apple & Yogurt Diet for Weight Loss

Diet: Eat apples in first day and drink yogurt at 2nd day, and resume normal diet on day 3/4, then Eat apples in fifth day and drink yogurt at Sixth day, then resume normal diet again, then repeat above steps.

Day 1: Two pounds of apples (about five or six, no more than seven).

Note: You can only eat apples throughout the day, not drink, No water, no yogurt, no eating anything! Eat only apples! Wash the apple when eating, and then slowly eat a small bite
Eat it slowly, one small bite at a time.

Day 2: Yogurt or skim milk 1000ML (less than four pounds), Divide into six or seven equal portions and drink one portion at a time.

Note: Drink only milk throughout the day. Do not eat anything else. Especially not even water. Thirsty
If you are thirsty, you can only drink milk. (You can also drink milk and yogurt at the same time. But pay attention to the amount) If you do it strictly, two days down on Will lose three – five pounds!


Small bites of apple slow down the hunger level! Not drinking water for two days, plus drinking yogurt the next day, will stop water absorption. The weight loss will be fast. If you reach the ideal weight, you can also use this method again, which is the real apple milk diet. You can’t drink water in between. You can’t mix apples and milk together either. They must be eaten separately. This is effective. And each time only two days, it is easy to pass, not easy to storm!

This apple and milk diet was published in a medical journal and has some scientific basis. The reason why we can’t drink water is because if we consume water during the diet, then our body will definitely consume the water we consume first, not the water in our body. The first day of the water break, basically reduce the body’s water, to the second day, the water loss is almost, will be reduced to fat. Therefore, the milk day is very critical, can not drink water, can not cheat. If you cycle a few times, the weight can definitely come down. And it will be more tangible to lose body fat. You can perform this method on the weekend as a good way to cleanse and reduce weight.

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